Updates to Marshmallow, the Campfire bot

At work, we’ve been using Campfire, the wonderful web-based group chat application from 37signals for a while now, and have found it essential in our virtual environment.

I recently discovered Marshmallow, the unofficial Campfire API, and setup deploy notifications, and couple other little hacks to keep the virtual office up to speed. However, Marshmallow was missing a critical feature (in my mind): the ability to watch and process others’ messages in the room. So, I spent a couple minutes this morning and added a new watch method:

I also added a new topic method to set the current room’s topic - we use it to match Basecamp project numbers and put the project URL in the topic.

The SVN server for Marshmallow seems to be down, and I can’t seem to get in touch with court3nay, so I figured I’d just let this loose. Without further ado, here’s Marshmallow 0.3.

Example Usage


require 'marshmallow'

bot = Marshmallow.new(:domain => 'yoursubdomain')
bot.login :method => :login, :username => "email@you.com",
:password => "secret", :room => "34567"

bot.watch do |m|
bot.say("Hello, \#{m\[:person\]}") if
sleep 3