Capazon - Capistrano Meets Amazon EC2

UPDATE: For those looking for Capistrano 2.0 support, check out Capazon 0.2.0

Just a quick note to announce Capazon 0.1.0, a Capistrano extension library to manage Amazon EC2 instances. If you are familiar with Capistrano and have an Amazon EC2 account, give it a whirl:

  • gem install capazon
  • Edit your your config/deploy.rb:
require 'capazon'

\#AWS login info
set :aws_access_key_id, 'XXX'
set :aws_secret_access_key, 'X'

1.  Name of the keypair used to spawn and connect to the Amazon EC2
2.  Defaults to one created by the setup_keypair task
    set :aws_keypair_name, "\#{application}-capazon"

<!-- -->

1.  Path to the private key for the Amazon EC2 Instance mentioned above
2.  Detaults to one created by setup_keypair task
    set :aws_private_key_path,

\#defaults to an ubuntu image
\#set :aws_ami_id, "ami-e4b6538d"

\#defaults to, um, default
\#set :aws_security_group, "default"
  • $ cap describe_images
\* executing task describe_images
IMAGE ami-0386636a
rbuilder-online/nuxleus-1.3-x86_9327.img.manifest.xml 099034111737
available true
IMAGE ami-08866361 rbuilder-online/test1-1.0-x86_9326.img.manifest.xml
099034111737 available true
IMAGE ami-1281647b
rbuilder-online/mw-tour-1.6.8-x86_9458.img.manifest.xml 099034111737
available true
IMAGE ami-1681647f
rbuilder-online/mw-tour-1.6.8-x86_9459.img.manifest.xml 099034111737
available true
  • $ AWS_AMI_ID=XXXX cap run_instance

This release just scratches the surface of what I hope to accomplish with Capazon - my end goal is to provide a shared AMI as a companion to Capazon which will encapsulate some Rails deployment best practices.

Please report any bugs you may come across, and stay tuned for updates!